Elgan speaks
...and her words thunder across the land

Did I see a Fairy Creature?

Friday, Oct. 24, 2003
7:36 p.m.
The strangest thing happened this afternoon. I had a nap around 4:30 to rest my back, which was aching again, and so that I wouldn’t fall asleep in the concert tonight, and was awaked at 5:45 by a buzzing sound, like a giant fly was dive bombing my head. I shook my head, opened my eyes, and watched what looked like a huge insect fly towards the ceiling.

Now, you must understand that I am very nearsighted and didn’t have my glasses on, so this creature would have been out of focus to begin with. But it was HUGE! So, I shut my eyes, and then opened them again, and there it was, still ascending ceilingward. When I got my glasses on and looked for where it had landed, there was nothing there. Very strange!

I told Hubby about it, and he said that I must have been hallucinating, in that semi-dream state just before you wake up. It’s possible, but that buzzing was really loud, and I know for sure that I saw something flying upwards. Also, I’ve been reading urban fairy tales by De Lint, and in his stories magic is most evident in those “in-between” places, like that moment between sleep and wakefulness. So maybe I did see a fairy creature, and maybe not.


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