Elgan speaks
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A Millennium of Entries

Sunday, Dec. 25, 2005
1:16 p.m.
This post marks my thousandth official diary entry here at Elgan Speaks. Strictly speaking, I have posted more than 1,000 times, but some of those have been deleted, the days disposed of and dismissed like naughty school children. Others have been expunged as I thought better of my meandering monologues. Nonetheless, we can say that Brumalia 2005 marks my millennium at Diaryland.

When I first read about online diaries in an inflight magazine at several thousand feet in a pressurized cabin, I thought they were the craziest thing ever. Who would be stupid enough to reveal the minutiae and intimate details of their lives to an unknown audience? Who would be interested in reading such drivel? Apparently I am, in answer to both questions. When tcklyrpharsn (who sadly has locked her diary here and left for greener pastures) first told me about this place and suggested I might give it a go, I never thought I would stick it out for one thousand entries. But I did.

I suppose I could spend a lot of time on this theme, but perhaps itís wisest if I donít. My diary speaks for me more eloquently than I could for myself (which sounds rather strange, considering I am its author) and has proven an outlet for me to vent, to experiment with various writing styles, and to get across ideas to a much larger audience than I otherwise could. But the best part is that I have made friends across a huge demography. For that reason alone I thank you, Jenn, for having goaded me into this over two years ago.


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